Residential Average Prices 

1 bed 1 bath

Avg. 100$

2 bed 1 bath

Avg. 105$

2 bed 2 bath


3 bed 2 bath

Avg. 130$

3 bed 3 bath

Avg. 145$

4 bed 2 bath


4 bed 3 bath

Avg 175$

5 bed 3 bath

Avg. 190$

A Residential Clean is a basic clean, where you do Bi-Weekly or Weekly, this is our most common package, prices start at 100$. If you are doing a onetime clean, prices start at 120$. The average weekly and biweekly cleans averagely cost 135$. This depends on the size of your home. You will contact Mary and schedule if you want to do biweekly, or weekly. When the time has come since your last clean. Mary will contact you to make an appointment, or you can do it directly from our website on the "Book a Cleaning "   Page. (You can click on the blue text.) If you have a onetime cleaning, we ask that you book ahead of time, so our regular clients will be able to have their biweekly, or weekly appointment.